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The super thin Mint™ may be the lightest, thinnest, most convenient wallet you’ve ever used.

The MInt Wallet: slim, light, organized, water resistant, RFID safe, durable and recyclable.

  • Slim and light enough to travel anywhere; big enough for international currency.
  • Side-by-side card slots make it super slim, easy to slip in a front or back pocket, money belt or bag.
  • Long-lasting, water resistant material that wears well.
  • Keeps your data secure: RFID safe and allows access when you want.
  • Folded, sewn and adhered, to be more durable than similar designs.
  • Efficient, recyclable design, handmade in the USA.

Even with 8 credit cards the Mint is less than 1/3 the thickness of many “micro” wallets at just 4mm thin, less than 3/16 of an inch.

A typical “micro wallet” with 8 cards is more than  3 times the thickness of the thin Mint at 12mm or 1/2 inch thick.

The Mint puts two sets of card pockets next to each other, for an overall thickness less than half that of most micro wallets and card holders. And since the Tyvek fabric is so thin, the overall wallet is sleek and slim, even with 8+ cards and some currency. Many “micro wallets” hold 6 or 8 or more cards with a footprint only slightly larger than a single card. But overall they are not low profile nor slim, and must be carried in a front pocket. The Mint is so low profile so it can be carrried in a front or back pocket, or even an unlined sport coat.

No Constanza wallet means less bulkiness in a back or front pocket or inside a money belt or bag. Less chance of back pain, too.

The Mint is a great travel wallet. With a generously sized currency pocket, the Mint holds several bills of any international currency and denomination without folding. And the Mint is slim and value priced to make a great decoy wallet or mugger’s wallet. In fact, you can carry two Mints in the thickness of most other wallets. The thinness also an advantage in travel clothing, money belts and bags.

The Mint Wallet puts 4 card slots next to each other, for better organization and a slimmer carry.

The Mint is RFID safe. A thin layer of metallic material within the folds of the Mint’s construction surrounds your RFID enabled credit cards and works as a Faraday cage to hinder theives’ attempts at stealing your data via RFID skimming. This layer is in the center divider, so if you have an ID or transit card or other RFID card that you do not want blocked, you can easily and conveniently carry it in the currency pocket, where it will be outside the RFID protection and accessible to RFID readers.

Cards in the inner pocket are RFID safe. Move a card to the cash pocket to use it with RFID readers.

Unlike origami wallets, the Mint is both sewn and adhered. Origami folded wallets requires extra layers that don’t add strength, but add weight and bulk. Eventually, the outer folds wear through and the origami wallets fail. The Mint’s outer edges are folded, sewn and adhered, making efficient use of material to keep it thin, and triple reinforced in the most vulnerable areas.

Tyvek hazmat suit

Tyvek fabric is durable and reliable enough to be used for hazmat (hazardous materials) suits, so it’s up to protect your cash and cards. (Image courtesy of the Georgia National Guard.)

The Mint™ is made of high tech Tyvek® fabric. It is a uniquely engineered product made of extremely fine, strong, high-density polyethylene (HPDE) fibers that are flashspun together to form a strong, uniform material. It is extremely water resistant, durable and recycleable. Unlike fabric wallets Tyvek® will not absorb water, dirt or other contaminents–it’s even used for hazmat suits and lab coats. Unlike leather, it will not absorb water or distort when wet. At just 0.32 oz. (9 grams) it’s extremely light, and stronger than leather or nylon for its weight.

The Mint Wallet is the size of a passport.

The Mint’s basic black is not a surface treatment, but is an integral part of the Tyvek™ fabric. It wears well, gaining some charismatic wrinkles and character as it ages. If you put it in the wash, accidentally or intentionally, it won’t shrink, and will be softer and with more wrinkles. It should last a long time. Recycle it when you are done as #2 plastic.

The designer says, “I made many, many, many test patterns and prototypes to refine this design. Now I carry one myself.”



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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 10 x 8 x 0.2 in


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