Are you looking for solid information on everyday carry (EDC)? Maybe you are looking to upgrade your carry, or put together a better personal emergency kit or bug out bag (BOB)?

The everyday carry community is growing, and new sites are appearing daily, or at least weekly. It can be hard to find good information, and when you depend on your gear at work, in the wilderness, or in sketchy situations, then finding quality reliable gear is really important, and good EDC sites can help with that.

We’ve listed some of our favorites below, including a bit about what we like and why they are useful. Strictly commercial sites such as retailers and ecommerce sites have not been included here.

For all those that we’ve missed, please leave a comment or shoot us an email and we’ll add them!


everydaycarry.comEveryday Carry

It looks good, it’s easy to navigate and it’s loaded with useful information and product reviews.

There’s an active community of users that continually submit interesting content, reviews and comments, and it’s one of the big strengths of the site. You can see several collections per day via the site or their social media feeds.

It’s obvious that it’s somewhat supported by Amazon affiliate sales and the occasional sponsored post, but they are low key about it. It would be great to see more info from their database of users’ collections.

Keep an eye out for their features covering basics like kinds of pocket pens, types of blade steels, or “Everything You Need to Know About Pocket Clips“. Bonus materials include contests, and the crowdfunded products they highlight on Kickstarter or Indiegogo.



This site is a few years old, and it shows in the well developed content. They claim to be a “truly global resource” and that might be true, although they are focused more on bags than what you might put in them.

You can find lots of articles covering usual EDC topics like wallets, bags, backpacks, and “utility” which includes EDC standards like flashlights, knives and pocket tools. They have annual awards, including an EDC category, and Carry 101 which aims to “build your foundation knowledge around carry”.

Note that the site is supported by Bellroy, a wallet manufacturer, so take the wallet advice and reviews with a grain of salt.

Everyday Carry Gear

A great portal with of advice and links, including lots of “how to” and not just gear reviews. Their particular angle includes, as they say, “a touch of survival related topics too”.

Articles cover backpacks, books, kits, electronics, flashlights, knives, multitools, pens, watches and more.



Multitool Encyclopedia has “an online encyclopedia of all things related to the world of Multi-Purpose Tools”.

Massdrop/EDC for using the power of group buying.

UnCrate has lots of cool stuff, mostly daily, sometimes including EDC gear.

Gearmoose has an EDC section with themed collections and links via the Amazon Affiliate program.

Lifehacker tags some articles as EDC.

The Bug Out Bag Guide has some nice kit guides, as does But Out Bag Builder.

If you are looking for shops (other than Amazon of course), here’s a useful list of 10 from Cool Material.

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